4 Seasons of Reconciliation

From the vendor:

An educational initiative developed for all post-secondary students which incorporates in-class learning with multi-media and captivating online components including reconciliation films. In collaboration with the First Nations University of Canada, 4 Seasons of Reconciliation provides tools for students to explore themes in Canadian history from Indigenous perspectives.

There are 2 units available for subscription separately or together.

Post-Secondary Unit (for students)
  • Monthly webinar coaching and on-boarding for faculty
  • Instructor’s guidebook (PDF)
  • A multi-media Instructor Portal
  • A multi-media Student Portal
  • A professional development online section for instructors
  • 8 PowerPoint presentations
  • The film ‘3rd World Canada’
  • The award-winning reconciliation film series - 4 short films on reconciliation co-produced with First Nations University of Canada
  • Bonus film & video library: Indigenous & reconciliation content
  • Student pre- and final unit quizzes
  • Student completion badge with Linkedin compatibility built-in
Professional Development Online course (for faculty & staff)

This unit is for your professional team only. Please note that SCORM is not encouraged and access is via the vendor platform. 

  • 3 hour 15 minute online course
  • Monthly webinar coaching and on-boarding for faculty & staff
  • Monthly phone consultation to assist you in with roll-out strategies and campaigns for the success of this resource within your workplace
  • Customization of your portal with your logo, land acknowledgement and words of introduction from the representatives of your College or University
  • Quarterly usage report
  • 10 modular thematic lessons which can be completed at the learner’s pace
  • Discussion forum
  • Technical assistance
  • Learning Management System portal (LMS) with individualized tracking
  • The film ‘3rd World Canada’
  • The reconciliation film series - 4 short films on reconciliation co-produced with First Nations University of Canada
  • Pre- and final course quizzes
  • Completion certificate with Linkedin compatibility built-in

Access Notes

Access is through a unique institution URL. 

Post-secondary unit: The URL should be distributed to specific instructors, who have to create an account with their name, email and course information. Instructors manage and directly share the student portal URL with students. Students do not log-in or provide information. 

Professional Development unit: The unique institution URL can be shared with faculty and staff. Each user sets up their own password and profile. Administrative access is available. 

More Information

4 Seasons of Reconciliation Information Session and Demo for ConCan


There is no individual student user tracking across the platform.

LMS Integration

SCORM packages can be prepared if a college chooses to embed the product into their LMS.

However, set-up time is 2-4 weeks. Technical information from the college must be provided in order to prepare a SCORM package. Institutional IT will also have to be involved in the set-up. As such, if a college wishes to implement LMS embedding, know that there will be a 2-4 week lag time between confirmation of the order and the subscription start date (when users actually get access). 

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, Username/Password, Remote Access
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MARC Records

MARC Records: 

Usage Stats


Usage reports are only available for the PD course, which is built into Productions Cazabon's Thinkific LMS.

They are available on a monthly basis between the 1st and 15th of each month. The usage reports are sent out monthly to subscribing organizations. 

Please contact OCLS for usage stats.