Canadian Electronic Library (OCLS-purchased content)

The Canadian Electronic Library (CEL) collection consists of four resources:

  • Canadian Health Research Collection (CHRC) (all titles from 2005 to 2013; unlimited users)
  • Canadian Public Policy Collection (CPPC) (all titles from 2005 to 2013; unlimited users)
  • Canadian Publishers Collection (CPC) (199 titles; 4 user licence)
  • Irwin Law (125 titles; 4 user licence)

CHRC and CPPC were subsequently merged into a single collection called the Documents collection.



All four of these collections were originally accessed through ProQuest's ebrary platform. In July of 2016, these collections became available on CEL's own platform, desLibris, and they were pulled from ProQuest's database with their migration from ebrary to Ebook Central in 2017.

All colleges have perpetual access to these collections. However, after five years of free hosting, CEL introduced a hosting fee for unlimited user access in 2019. For more information, please see the offer pages for this resource in the Offers & Trials area of ERMA.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, Limited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
Content Types: 
eBooks, Government Documents

MARC Records

MARC Records: 
desLibris records 324 CPC and Irwin Law ebooks  
desLibris records for documents collection from 2005-2013 (includes CHRC and CPPC collections)  
Complete delete file for ebrary records (for use by colleges who have not subscribed to their own CEL content)  

Usage Stats

Individual Stats

Login to using your administrative credentials. On the Reports panel of the Library Dashboard, select Usage Reports. Further information may be found on the vendor's website. For assistance, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

Consortial Stats

Usage statistics for the CEL collection are generally provided annually. As they are sorted by college, this information may assist in planning future purchasing decisions.

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Jan. to Dec. 2013  
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