A copy cataloguing service that allows subscribing institutions to download records from WorldCat. From the vendor:

Get materials in your catalog faster with this simple‑to‑use copy cataloging solution.

Subscriptions are purchased based on a pre-defined limit on the number of records the subscribing institution may download. Any downloads that exceed the pre-defined limit are charged at a price-per-download rate. Subscribers are responsible for monitoring their usage if they wish to not exceed their pre-defined limit. If the pre-defined limit is exceeded, charges will accrued over the subscription period and then applied to the renewal invoice or, if the renewal is cancelled, then an invoice for just the overage fees will be issued.

Access is by individual username/password. Additional individual accounts can be created upon request as needed. (There is no specific limit on the number of accounts that can be created; however, nor may limitless accounts be created. The number of accounts that may be created are based on the institution's needs and the vendor's discretion.)

Access Details: 
Limited Downloads, Limited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, Username/Password, Remote Access

Usage Stats


There are two options to view your usage statistics: through OCLC Usage Statistics, and through WorldShare Collection Management. See the vendor's FAQ below for details. In either case, you will require institutional credentials to access your statistics. If you require any assistance, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

OCLC FAQ: How can I determine how many units are left on my CatExpress subscription?

OCLC Help Page: OCLC Usage Statistics overview

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Subscribing Colleges