Complete Anatomy


From the vendor:

"Our revolutionary cloud-based education platform allows users to investigate the minute detail of the human anatomy in incredible 3D. We are transforming medical learning and practice across the world, leading the way in the production of ground-breaking 3D medical technology."


Content on the platform includes but is not limited to: 

  • 3D anatomical models with > 17,000 selectable structures
  • 3D model tools
  • >1500 educational 3D animations, covering procedures and pathologies 
  • Courses: series of guided lectures
  • Screens: >2000 preset dissections (with Educator's Licence) 

Relevant Subscription Types

  1. Student Plus
  2. Educator's Licence - includes the Curriculum Manager Dashboard, Screens

 Educator Licenses may come free if there is enough volume. 

Please see this vendor page for a comparison of available content and features across subscription types


Licensing Options

  1. Standard licence: for a limited number of students for a specific programme, using their own devices
  2. Lab device licence: Access is tied to institution-specific shared devices. 
  3. Library or site licence: Access it tied to IP address range, pricing based on rFTE

Deployment Types

This is the vendor's language for authentication methods they support. Users have to complete an in-app registration process.

  1. IP range deployment: access is IP-authenticated, for concurrent usage by unlimited users
  2. Code deployment: access is authenticated through vendor-generated codes that the college then shares with users
  3. Email address manual deployment: access is authenticated via names and emails provided to the vendor, who then creates a registration account for each user


For More Information

Key features of Complete Anatomy and the Educator Licence

Curriculum Manager Dashboard Starter Pack

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Limited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Username/Password
Content Types: 
Images, Interactive, Multimedia

Title Lists


  1. Undergraduate Human Anatomy:  Region
  2. Undergraduate Human Anatomy:  System
  3. Cadaveric Images: Skeletal and Muscular Systems
  4. Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
  5. Abrahams’ Clinical Anatomy
  6. Clinical Correlates of the Heart:  60 Conditions and
  7. Cardiothoracic Dissection
  8. Histology of Human Organs
  9. Cardiology / Cardiovascular Surgery
  10. Learn Physiology
  11. Orthopedic Special Tests of the Shoulder
  12. Basic 12 Lead EKG Interpretation
  13. Anticoagulation Management Made Easy
  14. Emergency Medicine & Trauma - Common Clinical Scenar
  15. Male Urologic Disorders


MARC Records

MARC Records: 

Usage Stats


Internal usage statistics are available through the Curriculum Manager Dashboard. This covers student interaction with lectures and quizzes created within the platform. These stats are only available in .csv format. 

The vendor uses Countly to monitor student interaction with the user interface as a whole. Please contact the vendor to define data collection parameters and get usage stats. 

Subscribing Colleges