This resource used to be called RxTx, but the vendor changed its name to CPS in March 2021. It has all the same content; it just has a new name and look.

CPS Full access (formerly known as RxTx3)

"Canada's authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy at the point of care, providing health care professionals with online access to evidence-based, reliable Canadian drug and therapeutic information." It includes online access to:

The subscription also includes access to the RxTx mobile app. The mobile app features:

  • Access to thousands of Health Canada–approved monographs.
  • CPhA evidence based, peer-reviewed monographs covering more than 300 drugs, including valuable guidance on off-label uses.
  • Health Canada advisories and alerts posted within 48 hours of issue.
  • Up to date information – CPhA’s team of experts continuously scan the Canadian drug information landscape for new drugs, new evidence on existing drugs and drug products, and critical safety updates.
  • Content available both on and off-line.

RxTx3 is available in either English or French.

Please consult the User Guide for more information on use of the platform.



EZproxy Access

The vendor has provided stanza to assist with EZproxy configuration:

Option DomainCookieOnly
Title Canadian Pharmacists Association CPS

URL -Form=post -RewriteHost host https://cps.pharmacists.ca
FormVariable product=ETPC
DJ cps.pharmacists.ca
Option Cookie

LMS Integration

Not compatible with the IMS LTI standard.


Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
Content Types: 

MARC Records

MARC Records: 

Usage Stats


The vendor is now pulling usage stats from Google Analytics. To request your usage stats, either contact the vendor directly, or reach out to OCLS and we can request on your behalf. 

Please indicate what time period you would like the stats for when making the request.