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This offer is available in partnership with Consortia Canada.

CSA OnDemand™ provides 24/7 online access to your complete standards collection from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group, in English and French, for all current and historical standards. 

Use Restrictions

  • Printing is not allowed
  • Users must make an individual user account to be able to annotate and copy materials
  • Colleges do not have download access to all major CSA codes:
    • C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code 
    • C22.1HB, Canadian electrical code handbook
    • B149 HB, Natural Gas and Propane Code Handbook
    • B149.1, Natural gas and propane installation code
    • B149.2, Propane storage and handling code
    • B149.3, Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment
    • B149.5, Installation code for propane fuel systems and containers on motor vehicles
    • B139 SERIES, Installation code for oil-burning equipment.
  • PDF download is only available on campus.
  • Users may download content to their devices, with the exception of the codes listed above, via saving to browser
    1. Access document by entering offline mode on browser and opening the file
    2. Then download document to web browser 
    3. Utilise the webviewer access link to view document online
    4. Authenticate through proxy


Complete CSA Collection
  • This is the complete collection of CSA's over 3,000 standards and standard related documents such as handbooks, guidelines and commentaries.
  • Contains 3138 standards.
  • Includes all current and historical standards in English and French.
  • Standards updated immediately as they are published.
Complete CSA Collection (No IT)
  • In this package you will find, with the exception of IT and Telecommunication standards, a collection of all CSA's standards and standards-related documents such as handbooks, guidelines and commentaries.
  • Contains 1861 standards.
  • Includes all current and historical standards in English and French with the exception of IT an Telecommunication standards.
  • Standards updated immediately as they are published.

CSA Product Overview

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Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication
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Full-Text, Reference

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