From the vendor: 

A selection of the very best CBC and Radio-Canada content gives teachers and students streaming access to the best in educational video and audio from CBC and Radio-Canada. You'll find documentaries from television and radio, news reports and more — all available with a single subscription!

Our collection features thousands of programs and hundreds of teacher resource guides carefully curated to support provincial K-12 curricula and post-secondary courses across the country. gives teachers and students 24/7 access to a wealth of primary-source content in English and French. It’s a great tool to help students develop critical-thinking skills. Every week, we add new content selected for its educational relevance, always commercial-free, including the latest from CBC’s award-winning documentary, news, drama, and children's programming (e.g. The Nature of Things, The Fifth Estate and The National).

Curio brochure - English

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There are several add-ons (called Channels). These are available to be added to the base Curio subscription:


News in Review / L'Actualité en revue

From the vendor:

This is Canada's premier current-event series for the classroom. It's the only resource that gives your students the opportunity to delve into today's most important events as they unfold. Complex international, national and regional stories are broken down and given context. Diverse communities and divergent interests are given a voice. Top 4 CBC News stories every month, from September through April. Each month our team of experienced CBC News producers and high school teachers hones in on the top 4 news stories and crafts a 15-minute documentary for each -- drawing on news reports from recent months. Host Michael Serapio offers commentary that provides important background info and links. And don't forget the classroom-ready guides. Each story comes with a teacher resource guide. Developed by high school teachers, the guides tease out key concepts and questions to help your students develop a well-trained eye and ear for what matters...a vital skill for tomorrow's voters.

National Geographic

From the vendor:

Science, architecture, disasters, great mysteries, human ingenuity... The explorers, adventurers, scientists, researchers, photographers and documentary filmmakers of the National Geographic Society tirelessly crisscross the globe, investigating and exploring the world. Their goal: to make you understand the world, amaze and entertain you with documentaries and investigations that are always driven by the quest for truth.

This channel is available in French and English. These would be separate subscriptions. 


From the vendor:

A wide range of titles in English and French from the UKʼs public broadcaster, a world leader in innovative storytelling. Content will delve into international history, social justice, earth and space science, medicine, animal behaviour and technology. Also among English-language programs in the channel are short animated and liveaction segments from BBC Teach, ideal for the elementary educator.  


Functionalities include (from the vendor):

  • Closed captioning
  • Teacher resource guides
  • "Teachers can create and save playlists for their lesson plans and easily integrate content into their institution’s courseware."
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Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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Streaming Media, Video

Title Lists

Titles can be browsed by show, category, or collection on the vendor's platform

As of late August 2019, Episodes 3 and 4 of The 8th Fire documentary series are no longer accessible on the platform as the vendor lost the rights to them. 

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