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From the vendor:

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is a trusted publisher of tax and accounting titles.

Our reference databases and email news bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to professionals in public practice, industry, government, and education. is a service provided by CPA Canada for Canadian universities and colleges.

Pricing Model

Pricing for unlimited access is based on RFTE (Relevant FTE) — specifically, on full-time staff and students in accounting programs.

A base subscription on is for unilingual content (English or French) for 110 RFTE. Bilingual content is available for an additional fee.

For some products, staff and students are represented distinctly in the pricing model, and for others they are grouped together.  For example:

  • CPACHB: A base subscription reflects 10 staff (represented by one "Initial Office Licence" aka IOL) and 100 students (represented by one "Additional User Licence" or AUL). Institutions with higher RFTE pay for additional AULs.
  • IFRS: A base subscription reflects 110 staff/students represented by one IOL. Institutions with higher RFTE pay for additional IOLs.

Generally speaking, a subscriber's RFTE/IOLs/AULs are established at the point of initial subscription, and are not updated upon renewal.

Subscribing colleges can find their RFTE/IOL/AUL details on their subscription pages in ERMA.


Several resources are available on the platform. For complete information, please search the CPAstore website, and filter by Format: " database". Brief summaries of subscriptions currently handled by OCLS are provided below.

CPA Canada Handbook (CPACHB)

CPACHB was previously known as the CPA Standards & Guidance Collection (and before that, the CICA Standards & Guidance Collection). From the vendor:

A complete electronic collection of CPA Canada’s official pronouncements, this comprehensive reference source provides up-to-date information on the accounting and assurance standards, the implementation of IFRS, Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises, the Canadian Auditing Standards, and much more.

International Financial Report Standards (IFRS)

From the vendor:

The complete set of International Financial Reporting Standards incorporating International Accounting Standards and Interpretations.

The IFRS infobase is an annual publication, with each edition available for perpetual access. No hosting/access fees apply. New content is issued early in the each calendar year, with subsequent updates throughout the year (including revisions, editorial corrections, and amendments to Standards and Interpretations that have been issued). The complete set of 2013, 2014, and 2015 IFRS is also available and incorporates the following resources:

  • International Accounting Standards and Interpretations
  • Bases for Conclusions
  • Implementation Guidance
  • Illustrative Examples
  • IASB Exposure Drafts
  • Draft Interpretations
  • Glossary of Terms
Professional Engagement Guide (PEG)

From the vendor:

An essential resource for performing high-quality, cost-effective assurance and compilation engagements for small and medium-sized entities, the new Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) provides valuable guidance to help practitioners consistently apply the professional standards.

PEG includes the Canadian Professional Engagement Manual (C-PEM), which is no longer available for independent subscription. All C-PEM subscribers were automatically upgraded to PEG in August 2017.

Tax Suite

The Tax Suite Premium (Student Edition) used to be freely available to academic institutions upon request. In June 2020, the vendor announced that on September 1st the Tax Suite would be withdrawn from subscribers' access and available only for a separate fee.

The following product information about Tax Suite was last updated on March 6, 2018.

From the vendor:

CPA Canada’s Tax Suite Premium connects you to the tax information you need. The tax library incorporates clear commentary, annotated legislation, current and archived government publications, and forms for ALL Canadian jurisdictions.

The only difference between the Professional/Commercial Edition and the Student Edition of Tax Suite Premium is that the Student Edition does not include Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles. (CPA does not have the rights to distribute this content to the academic market. If you are interested in this title, apparently it is only available in print format from Pearson Education Canada.)

  • Excise Automated Reference Library (EARL) (GST/HST & Excise)
  • EY's Guide to Preparing 2016 Personal Tax Returns (T1)
  • Federal Income Tax Collection Platinum (FITAC Platinum) Student Edition (does not include Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles)
  • Historical Federal Income Tax Legislation Collection
  • Provincial Taxes Electronic Reference Library (PERL)
  • Monthly Newsletters (complete archive): Commodity Tax News, TaxMatters@EY
  • Daily Bulletins (90-day archive): Federal Income Tax News, GST/HST & Excise News, Provincial Taxes News

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Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access

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