MarketLine Advantage


Includes Marketline Advantage, plus optional add-on modules. This resource was previously called Datamonitor.

From the vendor:

Marketline Advantage

Unlimited access to one of the biggest sources of company, industry and country business information.

  • Access to a platform with multi- industry and company coverage
  • Access to 100,000+ companies evaluated by analysts at varying depths including SWOT profiles
  • Access to 8,000+ Industry Profiles featuring Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • Country Outlook and Risk Reports
  • Theme Reports
  • Industry Profiles Archives
  • Case Study Archive 
  • Influencers Database
About the Influencers Database (introduced in 2019)

Influencer Database enables users to track the top 100 Influences within a Sector so that they can connect and grow their network. In particular this tool has been very popular with Business Start ups, Entrepreneurs and students of Business, Management, MarketLine, Hair/Beauty and Media. This tool is tracking the leading Influencers within a range of sectors via social media. All data is tracked in real time. Over the next few months we will be adding even more Influencer types, including but not limited to, 'Sustainable Fashion'. When using the tool, it is also possible to refine your search by Country, in addition to Influencer Type.

Add-on Modules

Chartbooks Full Collection Module

MarketLIne ChartBooks visualise data, trends, and forces impacting and shaping the world's economy. From macroeconomic factors to leading companies, cities and sectors, each Chartbook is presented in an accessible slide-pack format and also provides to-the-point analysis and explanation of key factors behind the trends shown. The full collection includes Country Statistics, City Statistics, Company Statistics and Industry Statistics.

Value & Supply Chain Reports Module

The value & supply chain analysis reveals the business activities which comprise the industry/market/sector value & supply chain. All key stages are highlighted, along with examples of active companies, and assessments of the burning issues for every stage of the value & supply chain.

Industry Statistics Database + Industry Datafiles Module

Comparative analysis of market values, volumes, and forecasts for over 120 industry sectors and 50 countries across 9 regions including Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Comes in 229 workbooks.

Disruptor Intelligence Centre (introduced in 2019)

Product information from the vendor (PDF)

Sample report: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Executive Briefing (PDF)

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MarketLine Advantage User Guide

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Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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Company Reports, Country Reports, Industry Profiles

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