McIntyre Playlists

This is a college managed resource. Last updated  Nov 2018

Several different acquisition options are available for McIntyre Playlist content. Subscribers may:

  • Subscribe to a pre-packaged playlist (collection of video titles) as-is.
  • Customize a pre-packaged playlist.
  • Build a playlist from the titles available on the McIntyre Playlist platform.

Subscribers also have the option of using McIntyre Media's Streaming & Hosting Service for any of the content available on the McIntyre Playlist platform, which allows for the inclusion or third-party content owned by the subscriber, as well as a higher level of control over metadata and usage statistics. The information on this page is about the McIntyre Playlist platform, however. For more information about the Streaming & Hosting Service, please contact the vendor directly.


Features of the McIntyre Playlists platform include (from the vendor):

  • Chapters (where available) with searchable descriptions.
  • Unique URLs per title which can be integrated into your catalogue for easy access.
  • Mobile device friendly!
LMS Integration

Embed codes are available for LMS integration. The codes can be found on every video page below the player window. For assistance, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

Content Types: 
Streaming Media, Video

Title Lists

Subscribers can find title lists of their playlists on their subscription pages in ERMA.


MARC Records

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