McIntyre Playlists

Several different acquisition options are available for McIntyre Playlist content. Subscribers may:

  • Subscribe to a pre-packaged playlist (collection of video titles) as-is.
  • Customize a pre-packaged playlist.
  • Build a playlist from the titles available on the McIntyre Playlist platform.

Subscribers also have the option of using McIntyre Media's Streaming & Hosting Service for any of the content available on the McIntyre Playlist platform, which allows for the inclusion or third-party content owned by the subscriber, as well as a higher level of control over metadata and usage statistics. The information on this page is about the McIntyre Playlist platform, however. For more information about the Streaming & Hosting Service, please contact the vendor directly.


Features of the McIntyre Playlists platform include (from the vendor):

  • Chapters (where available) with searchable descriptions.
  • Unique URLs per title which can be integrated into your catalogue for easy access.
  • Mobile device friendly!
Content Types: 
Streaming Media, Video

Title Lists

Subscribers can find title lists of their playlists on their subscription pages in ERMA.


MARC Records

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