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Three levels of access
  • 2-5 users (U/P authentication only)
  • 50 users or less (IP authentication)
  • 50+ users (IP authentication) 

There are no technical limitations on the two user access options that use IP authentication; technically it is unlimited. However, if a new subscriber opts to subscribe to the >50 option and on average, are exceeding 50 users per day, then you will have to upgrade the level of access upon renewal.

From the vendor:

The comprehensive user-friendly Canadian media directory.

Subscription Options & Access

Some subscription options have username/password access enabled, while others use IP authentication.

Pricing is determined based on average daily usage (the average number of users who access per day). Access is technically for an unlimited number of concurrent users — there are no technical blocks in place to prevent concurrent user access. However, each subscription option has a particular user number limitation assigned to it. For example, an institution's subscription may be for 50 users, and that 50 doesn't speak to concurrent access nor to authorized users but rather it says that the institution's average daily usage is less than 50.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Username/Password, Remote Access
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