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About MTM: The Media Technology Monitor (MTM©) is Canada's premier research product in the area of technology ownership and use. Based on 12,000 telephone interviews annually (including a cellphone only sample), the MTM has spoken with over 120,000 Canadians (equally split between Anglophones and Francophones) over the past decade making it the most accurate and comprehensive media technology tracking survey of its kind. Now, building on the reliability of our telephone research, the MTM has added a new Return-To-Sample (RTS) online survey to facilitate deeper dive studies and focused understanding of Canadians and their Internet-based activities.

About Reports: In a time-crunched world, our executive-level syndicated reports provide targeted information in an accessible way making it easier for readers to find the information they want about the topics that interest them the most. In addition to the bi-annual Adoption Reports and free Sneak Peaks, users can access numerous other reports focusing on different technologies, trends, activities and demographic groups.

For more information, please see the MTM website.

Regarding authentication method: IP recognition is set up by default and available for all users. Additionally, users may have individual accounts which would allow them to save filters on the data analysis tool, and bypass IP authentication (e.g. for remote access purposes). In order to set up individual accounts, please contact the vendor directly and provide the users' email addresses.


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