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SAGE is proud to publish the market-leading journal within nine Social Sciences Citation Index categories and two SCI categories, which include: Criminology & Penology; Cultural Studies; Education & Educational Research; Education, Special; Family Studies; History; Materials Science, Characterization & Testing; Orthopedics; Psychology, Applied; Psychology, Multidisciplinary; Psychology, Psychoanalysis; Psychology, Social; Rehabilitation; Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary; Social Work; Women’s Studies.

Subscription and Purchasing Options

See the vendor's website for further detail. 

Individual Titles

eJournals are available for subscription on a title-by-title basis. Single-site pricing is available online on the public SJ platform; multisite pricing is also available upon request (default multisite pricing is at 25% of the list price for each additional site). The subscription term follows the calendar year, and pricing is not prorated for mid-term start dates because the entire year's content is purchased for perpetual access regardless of start date.

SAGE Premier

Premier pricing is dependent on the institution's overall SAGE ejournals spend i.e. on any other titles or collections the institution subscribes to. There are a variety of subscription options to consider in regards to Premier. Please see the PDF linked below for details:

SAGE Premier Subscription Options

Subject Collections

SAGE offers 27 smaller, discipline-specific collections.  Collections are licensed for unlimited access (as opposed to single site vs. multi-site access, as the single titles are). Pricing is based on a combination of FTE, Carnegie classification, and the institution's individual title holdings. Please see the vendor's website for more details:

Backfile Access

All subscriptions (that is, to individual titles as well as collections) include backfile access going back to January 1st, 1999. (That backfile date is static, not rolling from year-to-year.) Institutions can also choose to subscribe to the complete backfile for an additional fee. Subscription backfile access is only available during the subscription period, although backfile content is also available for purchase (perpetual access).

Perpetual Access

For individual titles as well as collections, subscribers gain perpetual access rights to all content published during the subscription period. Unless backfile content is purchased separately, it is not available for perpetual access once a subscription is no longer active. Perpetual access is subject to hosting fees.


SAGE Journals

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Usage Stats


COUNTER 5-compliant.

In order to access usage stats, an administrative account on the SAGE journals platform is required. If you require assistance with your account or with your usage stats, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the "My Account" button on the SAGE journals platform, and sign in with your administrative credentials.
  2. Click on your administrative name, and select "Account Details."
  3. Select Institutional Account > Usage Reports.

Usage data goes back to December 2016, when SAGE launched their new journals platform. Historical data going back to January 2015 is available in a zip file under "Download Customers Counter legacy reports."