SAGE Reference Books


From the vendor:

More than 500 must-have SAGE Reference and CQ Press Reference titles are now hosted on the SAGE Knowledge platform, providing students with the perfect place to start their research on key topics in the social and behavioral sciences.


SAGE Knowledge

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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Title Lists

The SAGE Knowledge index is public and can be filtered for reference titles. Visit the SAGE Reference web page and follow the instructions to browse the content.


MARC Records

MARC Records: 

To download MARC records for your subscribed content, log in to SAGE's Secure Center with your administrative credentials. If you do not know your administrative credentials, please contact the vendor's technical support. Contact information for the vendor can be found in the Vendors section of ERMA. More information, including MARC record downloads, can be found on the vendor's MARC Records Help web page.

Usage Stats


Log in to SAGE's Secure Center with your administrative credentials. If you do not know your institutional credentials, or if you require assistance accessing your usage stats, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA. More information about the vendor's usage stats can be found in their Technical FAQs document. Instructions from the vendor:

  1. Click on graph-shaped icon on the left-hand menu bar (
  2. On the next page choose the report you wish to run.
  3. On the next page enter the start date and end date for the range you wish to see.
  4. Click Refresh and the report will appear on your screen. You now also have the ability to export this report as csv or a tsv into excel, simply click the “Export Report” button and choose the desired format.

*Please note that COUNTER doesn’t categorize all of our subscriptions as Databases.  Look under Usage Reports for sessions, page view, document, search, and access violations reports that follow CQ Press guidelines.