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This is a college-managed resource. Last updated 26 February 2020.

Taylor & Francis ejournals are available for purchase as individual titles and as collections. For more information, visit the vendor's website for librarians: the Taylor & Francis LibSite.

eJournals are licensed on a site licence basis. Default pricing is for a single site (campus), although multi-site licensing is also available for an additional fee. The Taylor & Francis Libraries (see below) usually include multi-site access, however (depending on the size/proximity of the sites).

Individual Titles

  • Titles are available for individual acquisition.
  • Pricing available online (on the public access pages of Taylor & Francis Online) is for single-site institutions. Multi-site pricing is also available upon request; FTE, and size and location of relevant sites, will be taken into consideration.  
  • Perpetual access* is available for the year's content to which you subscribe.
  • Prorating is not available for mid-year subscriptions as the price is based on the purchase of content, not on the subscription term.
  • Backfile access is available on rolling 20-year basis while the subscription is active, but not for perpetual access.
Title-by-Title Archive Subscriptions

Pre-1997 content, when available online, may be subscribed to for a slightly higher price than you would pay for a standard title subscription.


  • Collections are licensed for multi-site access.
  • Pricing is based on overlap with the subscriber's "core collection" of individual title subscriptions. From the vendor: "When participating in a Subject Collection or Library Package all core subscriptions must be renewed, either in print + online or online-only format, no outright cancellations.  Duplicate subscriptions may be substituted for items of equal or greater value only.  You may swap up to 10% of spend for journals of equal or greater value (5% max of society titles).  Existing subscriptions for newly acquired or transfer titles must be renewed."
  • Perpetual access is not available. Content in the ejournal collections are available on a subscription basis only, with the exception of Archive collections a.k.a. the Online Journal Archive. Subscriptions bring backfile access from 1997 - Current.

Taylor & Francis Libraries

The Library collections are only available for three-year subscription terms. The vendor offers highly-discounted "small school pricing" that, we are told, would apply to several of the Ontario colleges.

  • Social Science and Humanities (SSH) Library
  • Science & Technology Library
  • Medical Library
  • Combined Library — a combination of the above

Existing subscriptions at point of starting a Library Package subscription would be subject also to the price increase cap within the Library deal. If they have already been paid for (e.g. through another service), a credit for the difference in price may be applied to part of the Library access fee.

FRESH Collections

From the vendor's website: "Our newest journals are showcased in the Taylor & Francis FRESH Journals Collection, which combines over 140 dynamic young titles in volumes 3-7 and is available to Taylor & Francis Library customers at an exclusive discount on list price. Customers can choose between FRESH Science & Technology, FRESH Social Science & Humanities or the complete FRESH Collection."

Subject Collections

A variety of journal collections are available based on subject coverage. For a current list, please visit the vendor's website. Single year terms are available only for Subject Collections. 

Archive Collections

Also known as the Online Journal Archives, and Subject Archives, these are subject collections that provide perpetual access* to their content.

Article Pass

From the vendor:

Taylor & Francis Article Pass is an initiative that enables users to access the Taylor & Francis journal articles they need via a pre-paid system, providing a gateway to a wealth of unsubscribed content.

When a subscriber buys tokens they cannot cancel any current subscriptions if they have any.  It is cheaper than buying individual articles and is must faster than ILLs.

*Note that there are no ongoing platform/access/hosting fees for perpetual access content.


Taylor & Francis Online: http://www.tandfonline.com/

For information about the mobile platform, visit the vendor’s website at http://www.tandfonline.com/page/help/mobile.

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Unlimited Authorized Users, Limited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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MARC Records

MARC Records: 

MARC records are available for download via your institutional account. For more information, contact the vendor's technical support.

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Log into http://www.tandfonline.com using the username and password provided for your institution. For more information, see the "Librarians: Usage Reports" page on the vendor's website. For assistance, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

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