Vault Campus


From the vendor:

Providing the internship, industry, profession, company data and insight used to frame first time employer selection decisions.

With Vault Campus Edition, organizations can give their users the benefit of education, career management and exploration, and job search tools. As a 24-7 online reference, your students and patrons can get help with their entire job or internship placement, admissions, and career preparation needs whenever and wherever they want.

Vault currently works with over 1,000 top programs around the globe, as well as alumni associations, honor societies, and other career support organizations.

There are three different versions of Vault Campus. The basic product is called Tier 1, with Tiers 2 and 3 including additional elements. There are also "à la carte" add-ons available that can be added onto any tier 1 or 2 subscription.

Products / Services Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Available à la carte
Co-branding Yes Yes Yes  
Subscription setup fulfillment Yes Yes Yes  
Usage reports Annual Monthly, quarterly, annual Monthly, quarterly, annual  
Live overview staff training webinars   1 Quarterly Yes
Live marketing strategy webinars   1 Quarterly Yes
Announcements (flyers, infographics)   Quarterly Monthly (including monthly client newsletter) Monthly: Yes
Mass user import   Yes Yes  
Webinar overview training for students / alumni     2 Yes
Webinar workshop presentations for students / alumni     2 Yes
Social media activity monitoring     Yes Yes
Swag materials (pens, flyers, posters, etc.)     Yes Yes
Free alumni access for one year     Yes  
Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access

MARC Records

MARC Records: 

MARC records are available upon request and updates are sent out automatically. Please contact the vendor tech support's directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA. For more information, please see this article on the vendor's website:

Vault Support Center: MARC Records - Getting Started

Usage Stats


Usage stats are available upon request, on a frequency rate depending on your subscription type (see the tiers breakdown above). Please contact the vendor directly; contact details can be found in the Vendor directory in ERMA.