ERMA Update: Upgrades

June 3, 2016

This is a brief update to let you know that there will be a change in how upgrades are handled in ERMA. Up until now, if you've upgraded a subscription either mid-term or upon your renewal, we've indicated this in the subscription title. Going forward, subscription titles will no longer include information about upgrades and you will see "Upgrade" listed in the Status field instead. Any other relevant information about your upgrade will be found under Notes.

For example, if you upgrade from LN Academic Core to LN Academic Plus, the subscription information for your upgraded product would be:

Previously Now

LN Academic Plus (Upgrade)

Status: New

LN Academic Plus

Status: Upgrade

Please note that for resources where the offer includes "Upgrade" as a subscription option, you will continue to see "Upgrade" included in the subscription title. Two examples of these are the LibGuides CMS Upgrade and the CINAHL Plus FT Upgrade.

If anything is unclear about any of your subscriptions, check the notes field for further information. If you don't see the answer there, then please contact us directly. To find the contact person for any resource you can scroll down on the subscription page to Offer Details.

You can expect to see these changes in ERMA in the next few weeks. If you have any questions please  don't hesitate to get in touch with eResource staff!